Henry Ford once said,

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success.”

With almost three decades of combined global experience across strategic Sales, Marketing, Project Management, CX and Executive Recruitment, Frazer Tremble Executive (FT Executive) truly exemplifies this quote, as husband and wife team Brendan Tremble and Laura Frazer join creative forces.

FT Executive aims to close the talent loop by helping clients hire, train and retain their talent. Specialising in Executive Recruitment across Project Services, Process Improvement, Business Transformation, CX, Customer Success, Agile Delivery and Executive Search. With additional expertise in Training & Development and CX/Customer Success consulting services.

We partner exclusively with forward-thinking, innovative companies, from large-scale corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups to help them create a competitive edge.

Executive recruitment:

Our proficiency in recognising and sourcing the best talent for your company will empower you to take your business to the next level across people, process & technology change.

Training & Development:

Talent retention is the key to the growth and well-being of any organisation, which is why we offer upskilling programs to help prepare your team for the seemingly unpredictable future. This includes programs such as Lean Six Sigma, Robotics, CX, HCD and Agile Project Management.

Customer Consulting:

The ability to focus on customers to build brand loyalty and long-term success is one of our key areas of specialisation. We can help you grow and retain your customer base with the help of our specialised customer success consulting services customised to the needs of your organisation.



Our passion for CX is only rivalled by the quality of the service we offer to our customers. We take immense pride in the experiences we create for our clients and candidates alike.


A curious disposition allows us to constantly cultivate our intuition and improve on the intrinsic processes that are involved in our work. We are constantly improving on our existing knowledge base, and it is our top priority to stay updated with all the latest international developments in our field.


We set high personal standards for ourselves, and we believe that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to. Our commitment to our work is reflected in the quality of our deliverables.


Creating an open line of communication, listening intently, and being understanding of the multitude of perspectives on the table allows us to conduct our business with greater efficiency. We believe it is vital to care about the success of others in an increasingly competitive and cut-throat business environment.


Honesty and integrity are two values we deeply cherish in our clients and our employees. We are drawn to these traits as they accommodate the best collaborative efforts.